February 2018


Black Music Renaissance IV

Friday 02.02.2018 9:00 PM | Club

Admission: €15 / €10 (concession) / €5 (with Berlin Pass) Children up to 14: free

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ Kevin Sholar





BLACK MUSIC RENAISSANCE goes Black History Month

This event is part of the BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2018 festival and the WORLD WIDE MUSIC concert series, in cooperation with the award-winning pianist Kelvin Sholar


In February every year, numerous countries around the world celebrate Black History Month by organising Black cultural and historical events. The WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN is also contributing to the visibility of Black culture, history and contemporary life with a range of different events.

In February 2018, Kelvin Sholar is curating the four-part concert series BLACK MUSIC RENAISSANCE in honour of the 150th birthday of W.E.B. Du Bois, (Black civil rights activist, philosopher, journalist and pacifist). He follows the connections between jazz and other musical styles from the African diaspora, such as rap, with music from the Arab-speaking world and Eurasia. The goal is to celebrate the common thread of rhythm, harmony and melody, and to tackle the global problems of colonialism, racism and discrimination through musical relationships, a concept that Du Bois himself supported.


In cooperation with the Werkstatt der Kulturen, Kelvin Sholar presents a line up of extraordinary musicians in this four-part series: 

  • the Kurdish singer Hani Mojtahedy, on Friday 2nd February
  • the American blues and reggae singer Corey Harris, on Friday 9th February
  • the Serbian singer from the Sinti and Roma musican tradition, Matilda Leko, on Friday 16th February
  • and the American actor and rapper Yah Supreme, on Friday 23rd February, in cooperation with the Polish tenor sax wonder Sylwester Ostrowski and Szcecin Jazz).



Hani Mojtahedy


Hani Mojtahedya well known Kurdish singer and songwriter, started her art career in 2000, while she was living in Sanandaj, a small city in western Iran.

There are a lot of limitations and obstacles for artists in Iran due to its strict Islamic laws. For women this is combined with Islamic laws that are written especially for women. Nevertheless, she tried to open all the doors she could, to live out her desires and express her rebellious soul.

The outcome of these hard years was a limited number of concerts, which due to Iranian laws she was only allowed to sing in front of female audiences, or to sing with a male singer companion, which she never accepted. These limitations and obstacles led her to come to the conclusion that this situation would kill her dreams and desires. She left Iran in 2004 and as soon as she arrived in Germany her voice went house by house and city by city in Kurdish areas between Iran,Turkey, Iraq and Syria.
She has released 2 albums, more than 20 singles and 7 music videos and also participated in numerous TV shows and concerts and festivals around the world.






Kelvin Sholar is a definition defying musician. He has won over ten awards for music. He has appeared on over one hundred recordings, in acoustic and electronic genres. Sholar is associated with such names as Carl Craig, Stevie Wonder, Kevin Saunderson, Qtip and many others.

As arranger, Sholar has had plenty of experience in various genres; he has recorded his original genre-bending mix of electronics and piano improvisation, as well as, the music of Igor Stravinsky, Maurice Ravel, Jeff Mills and Earth, Wind and Fire- to critical acclaim.


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