March 2018


Roma meets Black meets Sinti

Saturday 17.03.2018 8:30 pm | Saal

Admission: Donation

Organizer: Werkstatt der Kulturen/ IniRromnja and RomaniPhen Archiv


One Evening - 4 concerts!

After the panel discussion entitled Ban Racial Profiling, the following acts will play in the main hall at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN: 


Sinti Swing Berlin

Sinti swing, jazz, Hot Club de France!

Music lovers and connoisseurs of Sinti swing, jazz and Hot Club de France have been familiar with this group since the 1980s and it has been a long-established fixture on the music scene ever since.
Janko Lauenberger on solo guitar takes on the well-respected musical heritage of his father and provides us with electrifying, high-class music!






Soul, acoustic, folk

The strong and expressive voices of the three women, Jeannine Mayani, Gonza and Bona Ngoumou, meld into one and resonate in listeners’ ears for a long time. They are accompanied by gentle guitars and the sounds of udu percussion. Their original compositions and new arrangements of classic covers are unmistakable. They sing in a variety of languages.





Soul, RnB, music of the Sinti and Roma

The Afro-Sintesa German-Nigerian TAYO sings with a warm soul voice and performs a cool mix of soul, RnB, and Sinti and Roma music. The singer interprets songs in German, English and Romanes with ease. You can expect a captivating show with heart and soul!




Dejan Jovanović Trio

Balkan, Roma music

Traditional musical themes of the Roma Kolo dance are embellished with individual improvisations from the three musicians. This is traditional Balkan and Roma music with its finger on the pulse of current trends. Dejan Jovanović invites you to an extraordinary concert far away from the usual clichés – moving, intense and compelling.



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