Beyond Spring

  • Syria, the Syrian Cinema and the Alawites
    The Immortal Sergeant
    Film by Ziad Kalthoum, Documentary, Syria 2013, 72 min, Arabic OV with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 21.05.2015 | 7:00 PM
  • Women in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia
    Tomorrow was Better
    Film by Hinde Boudjemaa, Documentary, Tunisia 2012, 110 min, Arabic OV with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 28.05.2015 | 7:30 PM
  • Women in the Political History of Egypt
    Four Women from Egypt
    Film by Tahani Rached, Documentary, Egypt 1998, 90 min, Arabic OV with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 04.06.2015 | 7:30 PM
  • Iraq and the Shadow of Dictatorship
    Leaving Baghdad
    Film by Koutaiba al-Janabi, Fiction, Iraq 2010, 85 min, Arabic/Engl./Hungarian with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 11.06.2015 | 7:30 PM
  • Religion and the Politics of Exclusion
    Jews of Egypt II
    Film by Amir Ramsis, Documentary, Egypt 2014, Arabic with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 08.10.2015 | 8:00 PM

  • Dissidence-Stories
    Our Terrible Country
    Film by Mohamed Ali Attasi & Ziad Homsi, Documentary, Syria 2014, 85 min, Arabic with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 15.10.2015 | 8:00 PM
  • Media and Nation

    It’s All in Lebanon
    Film by Wissam Charaf, Documentary, Lebanon 2011, 60 min, Arabic with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 22.10.2015 | 8:00 PM
  • Memories of Terror
    Film by Damien Ounouri, Documentary, Algeria/France/China/Qatar/Kuwait/Germany 2012, 83 min, Arabic/French with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 29.10.2015 | 8:00 PM
  • A City and its Revolution
    Film by Ahmed Nour, Documentary, Egypt 2012, 70 min, Arabic with English Subtitles
    Thursday | 03.12.2015 | 8:00 PM
  • Questionable Coexistence
    Jerusalem – East Side Story
    Film by Mohamad Alatar, Documentary, Palestine 2008, 57min, Arabic/Hebrew with English Subtitles Thursday | 10.12.2015 | 8:00 PM


Viola Shafik, PhD, is a freelance filmmaker, film curator and film scholar. She authored among others Arab Cinema: History and Cultural Identity, AUC-Press, Cairo, 1998 and Popular Egyptian Cinema: Gender, Class and Nation, AUC-Press, 2007. She lectured at the American University in Cairo and the Zürich University and is in the selection committee of the Rawi Screenwriters Lab and the Berlinale World Cinema Fund. She directed several documentaries, most notably Ali im Paradies/My Name is not Ali (2011) and Arij - Scent of Revolution (2014).

She currently teaches at the Humboldt University, Berlin and the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.

In cooperation with Mayadin al Tahrir e.V. and EUME (Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe)