Made in Europe




What is 'European cinema' today? What happens if the 'immigrants of the past' and the 'children of migrants' start producing movies - in whichever European country they are residing? Certainly, from the 90s onwards, people from diverse backgrounds who were either born or raised in Germany have started becoming filmmakers and are producing new imageries.

Do their films always speak of their migratory experience or of intercultural conflicts or do they just simply tell a story?

These are the questions Masayo Kajimura, curator of the series, is asking. She was born in Berlin to Japanese parents and is a filmmaker, video artist and also the curator of the series Made in Europe, which is usually showcased in the presence of the respective film directors.

Made in Europe took place in 2011 within the framework of the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN's ongoing film series WorldWideCinema.